General News

Earlscliffe School Raises £1000 for Charity with 5km Race for Life

20th June 2024

One of Earlscliffe’s core (and possibly most important) values is “community”. This June, our students and staff put this belief into action by participating in the Race for Life. The team of eight runners successfully raised £1000 for cancer research. Most of the team had very little running experience so this 5km race not only…

Empowering tomorrow’s leaders through sport

16th May 2024

We are now celebrating the achievements of our first ever Sports leaders. We are very pleased to announce that our Sports Leaders have officially earned their qualifications! Mrs Norman reflects on their journey with pride! “They have been nothing short of fabulous,” she says. “From teaching primary school children how to improve their jumping technique…

Earlscliffe Alumni Week

10th May 2024

What a week! It felt a little ambitious to hold another alumni event so soon after our big reunion in October 2023. However, the event had been such a success that we wanted to maintain regular contact with the members of our community who have now moved onto university and careers. On May 2, 2024,…

University Preparation in summer

29th April 2024

For ages 16-17+, our 20-hour per week Uni-Prep course is crafted to elevate your skills and prepare you for the exciting journey of university applications, whether in the UK or your home country. Course Highlights: Skills Mastery: Dive into a higher level, skills-based curriculum designed to cultivate the independent learning skills crucial for ambitious undergraduates….

Earlscliffe Alumni Week 2024

19th April 2024

The Earlscliffe educational experience is not only about what you learn within the confines of a classroom; it’s also about the community that you become a part of. Earlscliffe is about friendships and unique experiences. Students often arrive at 15 or 16 years of age, and they leave us as Earlscliffe Alumni, having grown into young adults.  Therefore, it is important to all of us…

Sustainable Futures

29th March 2024

Our course is designed for ages 14-17 with a minimum English level of B1+. Through exploring the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we empower students to become change-makers in their communities and beyond. In Sustainable Futures, students embark on a journey of discovery, starting from their local environments and expanding to global perspectives. From understanding…

Breaking Digital

20th February 2024

In today’s world flooded with information, it’s crucial to dissect, analyse, and form balanced perspectives on global issues. That’s exactly what our Breaking Digital course is all about!  Through interactive sessions, students will: Learn to critically challenge and interpret data, news, and information. Develop creative communication skills to engage diverse audiences. Collaborate in dynamic teams…

Elevating academic excellence with good sportsmanship

16th February 2024

The Earlscliffe Basketball Academy We have always encouraged our students to lead healthy lifestyles, and we believe that the core values of good sportsmanship (ambition to succeed, teamwork, leadership and commitment) are valuable throughout all aspects of school life and academic achievement. Therefore, in 2022 Earlscliffe launched the Earlscliffe Basketball Academy with the intention of…

Earlscliffe students celebrate the Lunar New Year with community workshop

14th February 2024

Earlscliffe students celebrated the Lunar New Year by hosting a special community workshop near the beautiful Old High Street in the centre of Folkestone. Eight of our international students worked with Mrs Wang to organise and host this vibrant event. They not only led the workshop activities throughout the day but also encouraged members of…

Mini MBA™️

1st February 2024

Are you 15-17 and fascinated by the business world? Want to see life through the lens of an entrepreneur? Our Mini MBA™️ course is your gateway to understanding the dynamic world of business!  What’s can you expect? 20 Hours of Engaging Business Lessons  Loads of Fun Activities and Sports  Two Full-Day Excursions Every Week  (Including…