Earlscliffe Alumni Week

Posted: 10th May 2024

Earlscliffe Alumni event

What a week!

It felt a little ambitious to hold another alumni event so soon after our big reunion in October 2023. However, the event had been such a success that we wanted to maintain regular contact with the members of our community who have now moved onto university and careers.

On May 2, 2024, the Earlscliffe team invited previous students to an informal catch-up in St Pancras, London. To our delight, not only did our London-based alumni attend, but students also travelled from across the country to spend a couple of precious hours reminiscing and enjoying each other’s company.

The highlight of our Alumni week was an Earlscliffe students versus “Old Boys” Alumni football match. For the event, we secured the 4000-capacity Folkestone Football Stadium, located just a few minutes’ walk from the Earlscliffe Main Building. It was a fantastic day of team-building, with our own football squad being challenged by ex-students from across the previous 11 years. The final score was 7-5 to the current students, but all played very well.

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The entire Earlscliffe community was invited to attend the event, including teachers, House Managers, support staff, families, and friends. Children aged 10 and under also had the opportunity for a little pitch-time with a half-time penalty shoot-out competition against Mr. Peach and brave alumni students.

After the match, the alumni made the most of their trip back to Folkestone on such a sunny day with a visit to the beach.

Everyone agreed that the day was one to be cherished and that it has to become a firm fixture in the Earlscliffe annual events calendar.

These alumni events were also complemented with additional alumni-related school activities, including an excursion to London to see UAL (a popular choice of Earlscliffe students) and a pleasant stroll through the surrounding Granary Square. Guest alumni speakers shared their experiences of university life and offered advice to students considering where to apply next year and what to study.

Richard Lawless InvestinMr. Richard Lawless (Senior International Partnerships Manager at Investin) also joined us on Friday afternoon. Whilst he was not actually an Earlscliffe student, his previous Boarding School Head Teacher was Earlscliffe Founder, Mr. Tim Fish. We enjoyed hearing his stories about his school days and how Investin can support academic ambitions with valuable career experiences.


Dukes Education Alumni Platform

All previous Earlscliffe students are invited to join our Alumni platform via this link: www.dukesconnects.com*

The Dukes Education Alumni Platform is a valuable tool for staying engaged with the Earlscliffe school community, sharing success stories, and communicating with the wider Dukes Education network. We will also share all Alumni event photos on the platform, along with requests for guest speakers and student mentors.

*Please note that students need to be aged 18 or over before registering.