Success Stories

Our Success Stories 2021/2022.

Cindy from China

Background: Cindy was a strong student but lacked confidence in her English language skills. She was frustrated by the lack of academic drive at her previous school, finding lessons ‘too easy’. 

Her journey: Cindy was supported by the Earlscliffe team to excel academically. She thrived in the small classes and loved the intensive teaching approach. She developed confidence in her spoken and written English and was soon able to easily and energetically participate in class activities. In addition, the Earlscliffe family-styled boarding houses gave Cindy comfort and a sense of security, even when the Covid regulations prevented her from returning home for long periods of time.

Results: Through hard work and determination Cindy achieved excellent results in her Art, Maths and Physics A-levels and she now studies Architecture at her first choice university – the University of Edinburgh. 


Fabian from Germany

Background: Fabian had struggled with the rigid German schooling system and was looking for a more interactive curriculum. He arrived with very weak English language skills. 

The journey: Fabian strongly believed that he “did not know how to study”. The Earlscliffe academic team supported him to develop his study skills to become a competent learner. He was able to comprehend complicated theory and he acquired techniques that helped him to retain the information ahead of exams. He also became an accomplished English speaker. He not only grew academically, but he also grew into a confident, determined and capable young man. He was also very popular with his peers, and was voted to become Head Boy in his final year. 

Results: Fabian now studies business at the prestigious Regents University in London.

Eniola from Nigeria

Background: Eniola joined us as a very determined 15 year old, set to begin her A-levels a year earlier than traditional UK standards.

The journey: Eniola’s tremendous work ethic was further propelled by the focussed Earlscliffe academic approach and small class sizes. She enjoyed the longer teaching times that allowed for more dynamic discussion and scored consistently well in the weekly TRaC™ testing.

Results: Eniola achieved an A* in her EPQ and three A’s in Maths, Chemistry and Biology. She now studies Biomedical Sciences at University of Central Lancashire. We expect her to go onto study Medicine in the years ahead and we’re confident that she will fulfil her ambition of becoming a Doctor.

Fathiat from Nigeria

Background: She had high hopes of becoming a doctor but was losing confidence in her abilities, as her shy nature made learning difficult in a very big school in Nigeria.

Her journey: Fathiat flourished in the small school environment. The more personalised Earlscliffe approach gave her the opportunity to build self-esteem and the confidence to ask questions or express her opinion. She greatly enjoyed the “home-from-home” boarding school experience and was a popular house-mate.

Results: Fathiat achieved very good results in her Maths and Science A Levels. She did receive an offer from Brighton University to study Biomedical sciences, but instead chose to study Medicine at the University of Nicosia.

Daniel from Spain

Background: Daniel initially joined Earlscliffe in 2020, but unfortunately had to return home due to Covid-related issues. We were very happy to welcome his  return in September 2022 when he completed our one year University Foundation programme.

His journey: Daniel unfortunately lost a year of education due to Covid, but his work ethic and positivity has meant that he returned ready to succeed and absolutely thrived during the Earlscliffe University Foundation Year. He threw himself into a wide range of extracurricular activities, becoming a key member of our award-winning Drone club, and the Basketball Academy. He also worked on the Earlscliffe Escape Room which is now a signature part of Folkestone.

Results: Daniel achieved a Distinction specialising in Physics and now studies Aerospace Engineering at the University of Leeds.

Bonnie from France

Background: Bonnie’s parents only intended for her to attend Earlscliffe for 2 weeks as part of the Summer School programme. However, her genuine love for the school and the town of Folkestone persuaded her parents to allow her to join as a full-time student from September 2020. 

The journey: Bonnie studied Art, Photography and the History of Art, and she achieved exceptional grades. She secured a reputation as a wonderfully keen student who was also very supportive towards her peers and the entire school community. Her art teacher said, “She will achieve whatever she wants to achieve. She always does!”

Results: Bonnie now studies Fashion at Ravensbourne University London


Mischa and Sascha Zaslavskis from Latvia

Background: Both Zaslavskis brothers are profoundly deaf, and were therefore struggling to understand lessons and, equally, be understood.

The journey: The Zaslavskis brothers thrived in the Earlscliffe environment. They were immediately provided with extra English and language support from the team at Earlscliffe. They were also equipped with a custom-designed bedroom to ensure that they could complete their homework and easily prepare for lessons. They were both passionate computer programmers, prevailing on the Earlscliffe award-winning drone club. In fact, the Zaslavski brothers became an integral part of Earlscliffe life during their time here and tended to meet all visitors with a welcome smile and a handshake.

Results: They both achieved exceptional A-level results and now study Software and Computer Engineering at the University of Kent.

Iulia and Catalina from Romania

Background: Iulia and Catalina were identified as having strong academic potential and fantastically proactive attitudes. Therefore, they were awarded academic scholarships.

The journey: Their innate learning talents were bolstered by the personalised Earlscliffe teaching and small class sizes. Both students quickly excelled and surpassed even our highest expectations. They also partook in a wide range of extracurricular activities and became active members of the school community. Iulia spearheaded Earlscliffe’s Interact group – using her experience from Romania to set up the Earlscliffe Charity Organisation which did an amazing job in raising money for Ukrainian refugees. Catalina was a key part of the organisation serving as Treasurer whilst Iulia served as Chairwoman.

Results:  Iulia and Catalina now study Economics at Queen Mary’s University in London.

Aka from Nigeria

Background: Aka struggled with the school system in his home country and was becoming increasingly demotivated with his studies.

The journey: Aka responded well to the personalised academic support provided by Earlscliffe and soon developed a passion for drawing and animation. He studied Art and Photography as part of his University Foundation Course and joined the school’s Anime Club. He flourished, with a love of art gallery visits and exhibitions.

Results: Aka achieved superb results in his Foundation course and now studies BSc Animation at Bournemouth University.