Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please just call us on +44 (0)1303 253951 or email: admissions@earlscliffe.co.uk / summer@earlscliffe.co.uk

How many students attend Earlscliffe and where do they come from?

Earlscliffe currently has approximately 140 students and they come from around 30 different countries. We are very proud of our diversity at Earlscliffe and every student is encouraged to build friendships and networks with students from all over the world.

What are the facilities like at Earlscliffe?

Earlscliffe is an ‘in-town’ campus designed for older teenagers. Everything is within 5 minutes’ walking distance. Set in the heart of Folkestone, it is a short walk from the beach, shops and ‘Creative Quarter’, whilst only being 53 minutes from London by train. Our students have a twin or single bedroom with an en-suite shower room. All of our boarding houses have a common room, a kitchen and a garden, so students can relax in their leisure time. Click here to view our boarding houses and bedrooms.

What are some of the unique features of Earlscliffe?

Here at Earlscliffe we pride ourselves on our flexible approach to learning by creating personalised programmes for each student, designed to help them reach their maximum potential. Our small class sizes, family environment and weekly TRaC™ testing also ensure that students are constantly supported and encouraged – whether that is regarding their academic pathway, their co-curricular activities or that they are utilising their free time effectively.

How far is it to London and its airports?

Earlscliffe is about 90 minutes from London Heathrow, or 75 minutes from London Gatwick. We are just 53 minutes from central London by train.

Folkestone Central train station is just a few minutes walk away from the Earlscliffe main building.

What will my room be like?

All students have a bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe to store clothes, a desk, a chair and an en-suite bathroom with WC, wash basin and shower. There is the choice of a single or a twin room. To see more, please take a look at our virtual tour.

Who do I share a room with?

We have single and twin rooms. We always room students with someone of a similar age, but different native language. We aim to match room mates based on similar interests.

Who looks after me in the house?

Each house has a residential House Master or Mistress who is the student’s first point of contact for any issues relating to life as a boarding student. This includes managing general day-to-day life, or emotional support.

Is there free Wi-Fi on campus?

Yes, all our buildings have Wi-Fi throughout, but telephones are not allowed in class unless they are needed for project work.

Is there a laundry service?

Student laundry is done once a week. Although students are encouraged to be independent and advance to taking care of their own laundry needs. There is a rota system for using the washing machines. Bedding is provided but students are asked to bring their own towels.

Does Earlscliffe run Open Days or Individual tours?

At Earlscliffe we invite all of our prospective students to visit the school with their families, to enjoy an individual and personalised experience. During a visit, students will meet and interview with our Head Teacher or another key member of staff. They will enjoy a tour of the school with a member of the Marketing and Admissions team, and they will have the opportunity to spend some time chatting with our current students. We also encourage students and parents to tour the town so that they can get a true feel of what their experience here might look like.

Do you offer virtual tours?

We have a 360° aerial tour that can be found on the location page. If you click on the hot spots, you will also be able to see inside some of the buildings.

However, we may also be able to arrange for prospective families to meet the the Head Teacher, subject teachers, or students online. If there is something specific that you want to see at that time we can show it via the laptop camera.

We can also provide a series of videos to give a clear idea of the school environment.

How do I apply for a place at Earlscliffe?

The application process at Earlscliffe could not be simpler and is outlined here.

Please simply start by contacting us. All details are provided on this page.

What are the entry requirements and assessments for candidates?

Earlscliffe is academically non-selective. On the condition that the student has a high enough English level to access the curriculum, we look for motivated students who will enhance and energise our school community!

Once we have received an application and subject options form, together with past school reports, all of our prospective students are required to sit both a Maths and English test. These tests allow us to assess the students’ current ability to ensure that we are offering them the right level of programme and giving them the correct advice on their subject options. 

All students will conduct an interview with a member of our team where they will have the chance to ask questions about the school, and for us to understand how we can best support them on their academic journey.

What are the class sizes at Earlscliffe?

At Earlscliffe we pride ourselves on our small class sizes. On average, our class sizes are around 8 students, but students can be learning in classes as low as 2 to 4. This allows us to focus on the individual students’ needs and ensure that we enhance their strengths and address any areas for improvement they may have.

Should students study A-levels or a Foundation programme / Business Diploma?

Every prospective student will be given individual guidance and counselling from the admissions team. We will assess students’ past school reports, their level of English and then interview them to guide them through the application process. We will also discuss with the student and their family what the student’s ultimate goals are and how best to achieve them. 

If a student is aiming for top universities, either in the UK or elsewhere, they should choose the A-level programme.

What are the fees?

For information on our fees, please click here 

Do you offer scholarships and how can I apply for them?

Earlscliffe does offer scholarships to students who excel in academics, sport, the arts or who can be true ambassadors of our core Earlscliffe values. Please feel free to contact our admissions team to discuss this in more detail, but we are always happy to discuss how we can support strong students in reaching their goals.

Do international students need a visa?

Yes, international students will require a visa to study in the UK. As part of Dukes Education Group we have our own immigration team who will assist with providing the CAS needed for a visa.

For more information on this, please visit our visa guidance page here.

When will I know if my child has gained a place?

Earlscliffe’s marketing and admissions team work hard to ensure that all applications are dealt with immediately. Subject to places being available, following an enquiry, we will normally attempt to arrange an interview and for tests to be taken as soon as possible. Once these have been completed and we have received all other necessary paperwork, we will make a decision on the student immediately and formal offers can be made. 

Where can I learn more about life at Earlscliffe?

We encourage all students and their families to read the Student and Parent Guide together before arriving at school.

If you have questions relating to Summer and Easter courses, please click here: