Basketball Academy

The Earlscliffe Basketball Academy offers students an elite-level basketball training and playing experience that fully compliments their academic achievements.

We provide daily, dedicated basketball training with a professional coaching team whose years of experience can propel a player’s ability onto the next level. They are Level 3 qualified. They also encourage the development of key life skills such as sportsmanship, strategy, leadership and a positive mindset.

Regular competitive matches are organised by the coaches. Players also become members of the Folkestone Saints Basketball Club – a first division team. Whenever possible, we look for opportunities for our basketball players to tour Europe and the USA for additional international match play and experiences.

Our early morning basketball training sessions (before school) are aimed towards the more focussed sporting students who intend to truly make the most of this opportunity with very small training groups. The afternoon training sessions tend to be more relaxed with all levels of ability welcome for a little competitive fun and friendship.

Earlscliffe encourages co-curricular sports activities and we often find that students who are able to show a proven ability to teamwork do better when applying to university or for their future careers. We also help our students to develop a better understanding of good health and nutrition, both within the sporting environment and as part of a modern lifestyle.