Company Information

Earlscliffe is a private limited company, registered in England at Companies House as Company No 4091830.

Dukes Education Group Ltd is the Propietor of Earlscliffe.

The Managing Director of Dukes Education Ltd (Colleges) is Mr Tim Fish.
The Chairman of Dukes Education Ltd is Mr Aatif Hassan.

The Governors of Earlscliffe are:
Aatif Hassan (Chair); Tim Fish (Safeguarding Governor) and Jon Pickles.

The Governors have appointed three Delegated Officers to support the Governing body, these are Rob Humphreys (Chief Finance and Operating Officer), Paul Ludlow (Regulatory and Compliance Director) and Neil Roskilly (Independent Advisor to the Governing Body).

29 Shorncliffe Road
CT20 2NB
T +44 1303 253951

The Governors may be contacted at:
Dukes Education Ltd
58 Buckingham Gate,
London SW1E 6AJ
+44 (0) 203 696 5300 or