Enrichment Activities

We know that co-curricular enrichment activities both benefit and support our students’ academic achievements. It also boosts emotional wellbeing and good mental health.

We therefore encourage our students to express themselves and to work off daily frustrations through new cultural experiences, creativity and sports. This not only includes our Advanced Skills Academies (Creative Arts, Business and Basketball) but also a wealth of other weekly activities.

We also encourage our students to learn the soft skills of life whilst they are with us, such as good personal and professional presentation, time management and effective study habits. This helps them to feel more in control of their own academic and career journey.

When each student arrives, parents are asked to give a ‘limit’ to how much each student will be charged per term to ensure that, if requested, parents are informed of all activity costs beforehand. The average cost of an activity can range from £20 – £80. This may only be the cost of a short bus/train/taxi ride, whilst other events such as theatre trips or paintballing/go-karting activities could be a little more expensive because of distance, entry fees and meals.

Earlscliffe Enrichment Activities

Membership to Folkestone Sports Centre, and weekly football training at Three Hills Sports Park is included within school fees.

Charges for additional activities may vary. These will be dependent on the number of participants, tickets, meals and the travel involved.