Business Academy

The Earlscliffe Business Academy drives our most entrepreneurial students to develop sound economic principles, a good understanding of world events and effective leadership skills. Through a network of partnerships and real-world experiences, our Business Academy students build a personal portfolio that will set them ahead of their peers when applying to university or in future careers.

The Earlscliffe Business Academy is a very dynamic area of the school and many of the activities are experiential. We frequently attend lectures at universities such as The London School of Economics and Political Science and the University College London.

Our partnership with the Globe Business College in Munich provides a unique opportunity to attend the Golden Ticket Weekend. The college invites students from all over Europe to work collaboratively on a business project whilst being supported by industry experts. Students and teachers alike often return feeling inspired and motivated.

We also visit the European School of Economics for a morning of study based on financial analysis, planning, and the concept of risk. This excursion is also combined with a tour of the home of British tennis, Wimbledon, where students learn how one single two-week event funds the whole British tennis programme for the rest of the year.