A gold standard education and university preparation for 15 to 19 year olds.

Earlscliffe offers the best of English education: A-levels, the one year GCSE (“International Transition Year”), the Business Diploma and the University Foundation Year.

We pride ourselves on a friendly, inclusive student body with diverse cultures, talents and interests. Our students enjoy an enriched learning experience in a home-from-home environment that gives them a significant advantage when applying to university.

We embrace traditional English values, balanced by an international, open-minded perspective. Now visit Why Earlscliffe for more information.

The Earlscliffe educational experience is not only about what you learn within the confines of a classroom; it's also about the community that you become...

19 April 2024

The Earlscliffe Basketball Academy We have always encouraged our students to lead healthy lifestyles, and we believe that the core...

16 February 2024

Earlscliffe students enjoy a real breath of activities on offer to develop their skills and character outside of the classroom.