Earlscliffe Alumni Week 2024

Posted: 19th April 2024

The Earlscliffe educational experience is not only about what you learn within the confines of a classroomit’s also about the community that you become a part of. Earlscliffe is about friendships and unique experiences. Students often arrive at 15 or 16 years of age, and they leave us as Earlscliffe Alumni, having grown into young adults. 

Therefore, it is important to all of us that being part of this community doesn’t stop just because a student is no longer in class, or living in an Earlscliffe boarding house. Once a student has become part of our rich tapestry, we would like to keep the connection alive. 

Earlscliffe Alumni Network

We launched the Alumni network in October 2023. The joyous event brought together people from all over the world, who jointly celebrated more than ten years of Earlscliffe. Some of Earlscliffe’s very first students made the effort to fly in and reunite. They enjoyed seeing how the school had grown from just one building with only 17 students, to now eight buildings with over 140 students. They sat in classrooms and reminisced about their favourite teachers. They were wowed by the new modern 50-bedroom boarding house. And then they enjoyed a grand banquet dinner in the school gardens in the evening. 

The Earlscliffe alumni network isn’t merely about keeping in touch with former classmates, it is also about tapping into a vast reservoir of opportunities, support, and camaraderie that can propel a person forward throughout all of their personal and professional endeavours. In the same co-supportive manner that is so important to the Earlscliffe philosophy, it also means that the alumni can mentor new students by sharing their experiences, tips, and advice. 

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Earlscliffe Alumni Week 2024

Alumni activities 2024

This year, Earlscliffe is holding the very first Alumni Week.

This is a whole run of events to strengthen those connections, which otherwise could be lost. Activities include:

  • Wednesday 1st May: current students’ university visits to meet recent Alumni
  • Thursday 2nd May at 18:30: Informal drinks get-together with Mr Tim Fish and Mrs Julie Fish at the Searcys Champagne Bar in St Pancras
  • Friday 3rd May: Guest Alumni speakers providing insights into their subject disciplines at the University
  • Saturday 4th May: Alumni “old boys” versus current students football match

In addition, the Earlscliffe University and Careers advisor will work with our student body to explore the requirements of a good online presence for future success and the benefits of business networking platforms, such as LinkedIn.

We will also share videos from Alumni who will discuss the things that they miss most about their time at Earlscliffe. 

Dukes Education Alumni Platform

The Alumni Manager for the Dukes Education group will also introduce our students, (past and present) to the platform that joins ambitious and successful individuals throughout the group and, indeed, the world, introducing those who are like-minded. 

Alumni involvement strengthens the bonds of community and ensures that future generations of students can benefit from transformative experiences and valuable mentoring – whether that may be to help a student settle into a new school or country as smoothly as possible, or to share good study tips, or to help make wise subject choices. 

Contact us to join an event or become a mentor

Please do contact us for more information on Alumni events, or the new Alumni platform. Let’s build bridges, foster connections, and continue the journey of lifelong learning and growth together.