Guest Lecture from Tim Fish

Posted: 6th June 2022

Whilst we do have lots of speacilised teachers here at Earlscliffe – we are always very happy to welcome guest speakers and expert in their field.

Today was the tuirn of someone who is often at Earlscliffe and who knows the school very well. Tim Fish – Co-Founder, Former Headteacher and Managing Director of Dukes Education took some time out from his busy schedule to give our students a lecture on what is currently happening in British Politics, and the ramifications of this evenings vote regarding Boris Johnson’s future.

Tim is always available at Earlscliffe to offer advice and support to our students, but we are especially happy when he engages our students with current affairs and ‘real world’ issues.

One of the key aims of Earlscliffe is to ‘add value’ to our students CV, and understanding of global politics will give all of them a headstart when applying for University, or for their future careers.

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