Psychology A-level – Loftus Conference in London

Posted: 29th March 2022

On Monday 21st March, all year 12 and year 13 Psychology students attended an A-level Psychology conference at The Emmanuel Centre in Westminster, London. The day consisted of university-style lectures in Psychology with talks such as ‘The Psychology of Success’ by Psychology textbook author Cara Flanagan and ‘Who am I?’ by Dr Phil Banyard.
In the afternoon the students were particularly inspired by Mike Cardwells’s talk ‘Toward a Culture of Peace’ which discussed how non-violent methods can be productive in overthrowing regimes and had many links to the current situation in Ukraine. The day was finished with a keynote speech by Professor Elizabeth Loftus who spoke about her decades of research in eyewitness testimony with her talk on ‘Manufacturing Memories’. Students were impressed to discover she had given expert testimony in cases such as Ted Bundy, OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson and recently Weinstein and Epstein.
It was an interesting and inspiring trip and the Psychology teacher, Mrs Woolford, was even lucky enough to get her book signed by Professor Loftus!
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