Our TRaC™ (‘Test, Rank and Coach’) system of weekly, competitive testing is a key factor of Earlscliffe’s assessment and target-setting strategy.

Tutors set tests for each of the main A-level/ITY/UFY/Diploma subjects during the week. Papers are based on the week’s work and they are returned graded according to A-level or GCSE criteria and ranked according to the student’s relative performance in class, and followed up with coaching sessions to assist with continuous improvement as needed. TRaC scores are made available to parents and guardians each Friday through the Parent Portal (password protected).

Students soon get used to the system and regard it as a valuable tool, not only in assessing their knowledge and skills, but in maintaining motivation through competition.

It is unusual for a student on any course to achieve all high grades in TRaC tests in the first few weeks of the course, as they settle down and get used to  the academic requirements, the language and indeed mark schemes.

Neither should success in TRaC tests be taken as a guarantee of success in synoptic final exams when one or two years’ worth of knowledge may be tested and have to be applied in a high-pressure environment working against the clock. TRaC tests examine a student’s knowledge and understanding of a week’s work or at most, one topic area.

TRaC testing keeps students working at a consistent, measurable level and pace.

A-level grade (including UFY) boundaries roughly correspond to the following:

below 40% = U grade (unclassified or fail); 40-50% = E grade (the lowest PASS); 50-60% = D grade; 60-70% = C grade; 70-80% = B grade; 80%+ = A grade and 90%+ = A* grade

GCSE (ITY) grade boundaries roughly correspond to the following:

below 35%+ =E or 2 grade; 45%+ = D or 3 grade; 55%+ = C  or 4/5 grade; 65%+ = B or 6 grade; 75%+ = A or 7 grade; 85-90%+ = A* or 8 & 9 grade

Parents are encouraged to monitor TRaC performance and pass their comments and exhortations to their children accordingly. For a fuller discussion or explanation of your son or daughter’s TRaC test record please contact the Deputy Head: