The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) enhances research skills and adds weight to your UCAS application. The EPQ is equivalent to an AS Level.

The Extended Project allows learners to study a topic area which extends their learning in their area of study. This qualification is excellent and is highly regarded as an ideal opportunity for the students to prepare for university.

The students select a project topic which expands their learning in their field of study, in a related area, or that is relevant to their own personal interests. Each of the four units offers a different type of project: a dissertation, an investigation/field study, a performance or an artefact. Learners will be assessed on their ability to plan, manage, complete and review their project. It can be completed over one or two years, and is assessed by the student’s supervisor from within the centre and externally moderated by the exam board.

Such is the importance we place upon this qualification that the students have timetabled lessons. They work in small groups and individually with a supervisor who guides and facilitates them on the journey through the EPQ.