Boarding Wellbeing

Boarding at Earlscliffe is exciting, friendly and lively; there is always something to do, someone to chat to, or something to share. Our boarders are happy and relaxed, enjoying a home away from home in beautiful Folkestone. Here, the sea, town and hills sit in close proximity to one another, and it is just as likely you will find yourself walking carefree along a sunny beach as chatting, drinking a coffee outside a bustling department store. A happy student means a student who will achieve her or his full potential, and, set within our historic buildings in stunning Folkestone, this is exactly what we set out to do here.

Supported by a fantastic team, the Head of Boarding and Pastoral Care in our small, bespoke educational environment is in a unique and privileged position: getting to know each student individually, maintaining excellent relationships with parents and guardians, and responding quickly to any issues raised.

We are focused on both the physical and mental health of our students and have a dedicated Wellbeing Room where the School Nurse is based. We also have access to external GP and dentistry services, which can be booked via the nurse. Students can be accompanied to these appointments as needed.