Intro from Head

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Earslciffe.  Thank you for your interest in what we do and how we can enhance the education of your child.

Please keep your own child firmly in mind as you explore this website and consider if this is the place where your child will flourish.

If you value academic rigour, and believe than any child, of whatever capacity, can do better and aspire greatly, given excellent teaching and world-class pastoral care, then we might be the right school for you.

If you believe that academic interests should be developed and encouraged, through a wide range of enrichment activities such as lectures, plays and cultural visits, then please give Earlscliffe careful consideration.

And if you aspire to see your child gain access to a university of first choice, on a course that suits their temperament and interests, then please get in touch and see how an Earlscliffe education can change your child’s life and prospects.

Please do contact me in person to discuss your child, and education, and life in an English boarding school, or indeed anything you would like to talk about.  I am here to help.