COP 28 comes to Earlscliffe

Posted: 15th December 2023

Earlscliffe participated in the British Council’s Schools Connect COP28 Climate Simulation Negotiations on November 30th – young people from across the UK gathered together to think about and discuss the challenges that key leaders face on this global issue. We also invited the Folkestone Grammar School for Girls to join the debate in a collaborative approach to learning.

The event offered students the opportunity for a face-to-face role-playing exercise, based around the UN climate change negotiations. They had to collectively agree on how much they would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, how they would help struggling nations, and agree on ways to adapt to climate change to protect their cities and people. They also took on the different roles of those people who are actively working in this field: world leaders, non-governmental bodies (NGOs) and the media.

Our international community fully embraced this opportunity to represent their own nations. Head of our charity organisation Interact, Timi, represented Nigeria and attended in traditional formal dress. Many other students brought flags from their home countries to proudly display during the activity.

The intention of this enrichment activity was to not only explore current issues and international diplomacy, but also to develop communication skills in terms of debate, negotiation, compromise and agreement.

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