Alumni event 2023

Posted: 21st October 2023

Earlscliffe has grown over the past decade from just 17 international students to the current community of 140. Coming from far and wide, the current cohort represents over 30 different nationalities. 

Each year we wish our Year 13 students a fond farewell as they progress onto university or their first steps of their careers. And whilst we encourage them to look forward and enjoy every moment of their new lives, we also hope that they will stay in touch with us. Therefore, the Earlscliffe family of students (past and present) is now in excess 500 individuals.

To commemorate this outstanding achievement, Earlscliffe invited their alumni to attend an open day and evening celebration on Saturday 14th October. During the day the doors to the main building were thrown open to welcome its guests and within moments the air was abuzz with excitement as familiar faces poured in off each train.

Earlscliffe founders, Julie and Tim Fish, along with staff past and present were greeted with handshakes, hugs and general high pitch fervour as stories were regaled of each individuals’ time at school. Some of the mischievousness and humour of these teenagers’ pasts were still evident as they toured the school buildings, peeked behind closed doors, reminiscing on lessons, boarding life and maybe the odd detention.

The tours concluded in the newest of 6 boarding houses; Goldschmidt House, which was lauded for its great spaces and well-appointed rooms. Visitors were encouraged to sign-up for the new Earlscliffe Alumni group who will see more regular interactions between students. We encourage mentoring, guidance and sharing knowledge among the community. 

In the evening the alumni arrived for a grand reception in the gardens of School House. Welcomed by flowing bubbles and a solo guitarist, guests were invited into a marquee adorned with autumnal shades and a groaning banquet grazing table. Many photos were taken with long-lost friends at the selfie station and with good old fashioned polaroid cameras before a charity auction commenced which raised over a £1000 for the school’s charity at heart; Rwanda action. Light-hearted and touching speeches were made by the Head Teacher, Joss Williams, and the founder, TIm Fish, which focused on the joy and camaraderie of such an auspicious gathering. 

It was truly touching to see the glow of happiness amongst everyone as they reconnected in such familiar surroundings. It is certain that Earlscliffe will not leave it so long until everyone is invited to meet again. The world doesn’t seem such a large place after all.

If you are an Earlscliffe alumnus please do reach out to Sarah Vince who will provide more information on mentoring, networking events and our next reunion.

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