Women in Business Day

Posted: 6th April 2023

Kathryn Burn with Earlscliffe Business Academy

Finalist of popular UK TV show, The Apprentice with Sir Alan Sugar, was invited to join the Earlscliffe Business Academy in April 2023 to celebrate our “Women in Business” day.

Before joining The Apprentice, Kathryn Burn worked various jobs, including event management and mortgage advice. But her burning ambition was always to run her own business. With dedicated focus she launched her first company, with only a £50 budget. Fast forward 5 years and Kathryn was turning over six figures in the first 4 months of her online pyjama shop, Pyjamily.

Kathryn was keen to share her experiences in the real world of business. She discussed the challenges that she has overcome and her entrepreneurial traits, in the hope to inspire more students to follow their dreams.

Kathryn spent quality time with our female students. She encouraged them to be clear about their life goals, and to push forwards with confidence. Kathryn firmly believes that anybody can achieve anything that they put their minds to, if only they channel their ambition and stay focussed.

Kathryn then worked with our students to develop business marketing ideas and an advertising campaign. And finished the day with an insightful question and answer session.

Earlscliffe Business Academy student, Rebecca, interviewed Kathryn to learn more about her motivations and her experience at Earlscliffe.

It was truly fantastic to see our students buzzing with the new energy. The Earlscliffe Business Academy regularly invites guest speakers to provide insights into a range of industries and professional disciplines – from marketing to science, and economics to medicine…

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