Earlscliffe Ski Trip to Salzberg

Earlscliffe Ski Trip

Posted: 6th February 2023

The Earlscliffe students were met by a stunning winter wonderland in Salzburg, ahead of their ski adventure. The group were a mix of Year 11, Year 12and Year 13 students along with excited teachers and staff members who were looking forward to a week of activity outside of the classroom.

Each of our skiiers ranged in skill from the very advanced to some who had never actually even seen snow before. And we can gladly say that they all had a great time.

At the end of the week we proudly applauded some of our new skiers as they excelled to reach 30km per hour, whilst others were amazing us with black run prowess!

Our students enjoyed fantastic conditions throughout the whole week, with bright and sunny days – and we made sure that they were well dressed to cope with the cold climate.

After an energetic day on the slopes they loved to explore the village, tasting local delicacies and sight-seeing. They even went swimming on a couple of occasions! Before finally dropping fast asleep before starting all again the next morning!

We are so proud of these students who pushed themselves during a bigweek of very physical exercise. These are happy memories and friendships that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The Earlscliffe excursions are intended to help students gain real-life experience that will benefit them now and in the years after education. We embrace all opportunities to learn about the world around us, appreciating the differences in cultures and environments.


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