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Posted: 19th January 2023

Earlscliffe believes that co-curricular activities and enriching experiences are an essential element of school life. We encourage the development of soft skills that provide an outlet for expression and cultural exchange, as well as supportive content for university applications. Therefore, each Wednesday afternoon students are given the opportunity to be creative during their assigned SCS periods (Sports, Culture and Service). Since September they have explored filming and are currently editing their footage using Premiere Pro.

In addition, our art students also took a trip to Tate Modern ahead of the mock exams to inspire students for their outcomes and expand their knowledge on contemporary art. They also visited a dry point etching workshop in Canterbury and thoroughly enjoyed a series of practical workshops in photography, exploring a variety of techniques using photoshop.

Earlscliffe Art and Photography students are members of the British Journal of Photography and are reading articles on contemporary artists.

They have also been given the fantastic opportunity to work with a local photography agency on a fashion photography shoot using real models, as an extension of their “Portraiture” topic.

Students went to a youth workshop on mixed media at the Folkestone Creative Center.

All of this positivity is not only limited to our students however, and we are now hosting an Earlscliffe Creative Arts Academy art wellness session for our teachers and support staff.

Earlscliffe is also really proud to now offer all of our guests personalised greetings postcards that share our students’ own artwork.

For more information on art and photography at Earlscliffe please visit this page of our website or email

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