A gold standard education and university preparation for 15 to 19 year olds.

Earlscliffe offers the best of English education: A-levels, the one year GCSE (“International Transition Year”), the Business Diploma and the University Foundation Year.

We pride ourselves on a friendly, inclusive student body with diverse cultures, talents and interests. Our students enjoy an enriched learning experience in a home-from-home environment that gives them a significant advantage when applying to university.

We embrace traditional English values, balanced by an international, open-minded perspective. Now visit Why Earlscliffe for more information.

The Earlscliffe Basketball Academy We have always encouraged our students to lead healthy lifestyles, and we believe that the core...

16 February 2024

Earlscliffe students celebrated the Lunar New Year by hosting a special community workshop near the beautiful Old High Street in...

14 February 2024

Join us this summer for “Breaking Digital” - a two-week programme designed to empower students with critical thinking skills in navigating the digital landscape! 📰💡

In today’s world flooded with information, it’s crucial to dissect, analyse, and form balanced perspectives on global issues. That’s exactly what our course is all about! 🌍💬

Through interactive sessions, students will:
✅ Learn to critically challenge and interpret data, news, and information.
✅ Develop creative communication skills to engage diverse audiences.
✅ Collaborate in dynamic teams to tackle political, cultural, and social discussions.

Whether you’re a curious mind or a seasoned thinker, “Breaking Digital” is tailored for those who value independent thought and thrive in collaborative environments. 🤔🎓

Get ready to dive into:
📝 Breaking Text: Dive into print media and investigative journalism.
🎙️ Breaking Sound: Explore podcast creation on global current affairs.
📸 Breaking Image: Master the art of crafting impactful visuals for media and marketing.
🎥 Breaking Video: Learn storytelling through filming and editing techniques.

Join us and unleash your potential to shape meaningful conversations in the digital age! 🚀💬

Earlscliffe students enjoy a real breath of activities on offer to develop their skills and character outside of the classroom.